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June, 2010 - New Ultra Productivity Compaction Plate Introduced

Tiger Equipment has worked closely with Fairport, a major European light equipment manufacturer to develop a new line of plate compactors.  These new compactors offer 10x vibration dampening between the base plate and the operator. 

Available in 14, 16, 18, and 20" widths, they are also the easiest plate to handle.  With operating an operating weight of just 173lbs, the FPC500 is the lightest 20" plate on the market, making it easier to load on a truck.

The most interesting feature of the FPC series is the folding handle that is integrated into the engine protection frame.  We found that the folding handle made storage and transportation much easier, as well as reducing hand vibration, which keep the operator more comfortable and extends run times.

January, 2007 - US Product Line to Include HYCON Hydraulic Power Packs and Tools

Tiger Equipment has partnered with HYCON A/S of Denmark to exclusively offer their high quality line of hydraulic construction equipment in the US. 

Including portable power packs, breakers, chipping hammers, cut-off saws, core drills, and water pumps, hydraulic systems offer excellent versatility.  Hydraulic systems are similar in function to their cousin, the portable air-compressor, but with significantly reduced capital investment and overall ownership costs (85% Less!!).  Hydraulics benefit from using a smaller engine and overall size, and increased efficiency.

Additionally, because the power unit is similar in size to a small generator, they easily fit inside a truck or van, and do not require a towing hitch like air compressors do.  They take up less yard space, use less fuel (gasoline, instead of diesel), and can be maneuvered around a jobsite quite easily.  Learn more about the HYCON range of hydraulics here.

May, 2005 - The Only “Stand In the Middle” Mini Loader on the Market

As seen in the May 2005 issue of Compact Equipment

Until recently, mini skid steer loader operators had to choose between riding on a rear-mounted platform or walking behind the machine. Rear platforms can make for a very bumpy ride and carry the risk of throwing the operator from the machine, especially when turning. And while a walk-behind unit partially addresses these issues, travel speed is dramatically reduced and the operator is forced to walk through the dirty and dangerous jobsite terrain. Powered by a 24-hp Honda gas engine, the Cheetah mini skid steer loader from Tiger Equipment is the world’s only mini loader to incorporate “Stand In the Middle” or SIM design technology. With the operator platform positioned in the center of the unit, stability, visibility and safety are dramatically enhanced, while travel speeds can reach up to 4.2 mph without the bumpy ride that can be experienced on a rear-platform unit. 

With the Cheetah, operators will also experience only one-third of the vertical movement of rear-platform machines when digging, while liability is greatly reduced as the center positioning makes it nearly impossible to be thrown from the machine. The SIM locating also enhances visibility by moving the operator so much closer to the work area.  At only 42 in. wide, the Cheetah features a lifting capacity of 1,050 lbs and tandem hydraulics pumps that provide 5 and 12 gpm of flow at 3,000 psi. All this, combined with simple controls – one stick for all movement, one stick for the boom/bucket – make the Cheetah a fantastic machine to rent or own. 

“The user-friendly layout increases productivity while reducing fatigue,” says Charlie Trelease of Tiger Equipment. “Soft valves and springs combined with the simple controls really make the Cheetah rental friendly. Even a novice operator is able to control the machine with confidence, enjoying excellent visibility and a real feeling of safety.”

January, 2005 - Tiger Announces New Product Launches featured at the 2005 ARA show.
ProRam 4-Stroke Rammers: Tiger is proud to introduce its new ProRam 4-Stroke Rammers that include Quad Springs for superior impact force, and the ability to generate that force with a shorter jump.  This means the ProRam provides tremendous compaction while maintaining exceptional balance.  This results in the operator has an easier time compacting, and gets it done faster!  Click here to learn more.

SturdiMix EXTREME DUTY Mortar Mixers: Tiger is pleased to introduce the new line of SturdiMix EXTREME DUTY mortar mixers.  Everything about these monsters is heavy duty!  From the rugged T-Frame to the Heavy Duty Drum to the "Super-Six" Shaft Seal System - these mixers are designed to withstand the toughest jobsites.  Click here for more info.

May, 2004 - Tiger and Joper acquire Miller Sturdi Saw
Tiger Equipment and Joper worked together to acquire the sawing division from Miller Spreader Company, of Youngstown, OH.  The Sturdi Saws and the Tile Plus Tile Saws are well know in the industry to be some of the toughest, most "Sturdi" saws available.  The "Sturdi Saw" and "Tile Plus" names were purchased and the products will continue to be labeled as such.
March, 2003 - Tiger Announces US Tacom Exclusive
Tiger Equipment has partnered with Japan's Tacom Trading, and is pleased to announce their exclusive US distribution of Tacom brand products.  Tacom has been in the US market for a number of years, as they have manufactured for a number of US companies.  With this partnership, US customers will have access to Tacom's excellent equipment, with Tiger's exceptional support. Mr. Miura, owner of Taikyoku Manufacturing and Mr. Takano, owner of Tacom Trading visited the Tiger headquarters.  They were very impressed with the US operation and expressed their happiness with the Taikyoku/Tacom/Tiger partnership.  Pictures