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ProRam 4 Stroke Rammers

Tiger ProRam rammers all feature Honda 4-Stroke engines.

  • Superior balance, easy on the operator
  • Quiet running, easier on the ears
  • Meets EPA specs, less pollution
  • Straight gas, No mixing!
  • Quality components - less maintenance
  • Reliable Honda Parts and Power
Tiger ProRam 4 stroke rammers eliminate the hassles of making a fuel oil mixture, which reduces maintenance costs, reduces down time, and really helps out your bottom line.  Whether you have a rental store, or a crew of workers, you will see the advantages of never needing pre-mix for your rammer again!  All models have excellent balance, and when on flat dirt, stand upright on their own - at full throttle!  This makes work much easier for the operator, and results in a much less tired and much more happy operator.

Weight: 122lbs
Force: 2775lbs
3.0hp Honda GX100

Easy to maneuver in the trenches
The narrow handle makes it perfect for trenches and easy to move around!  
Weighing only 122 lbs, it packs quite a punch.

Weight: 139lbs
Force: 3950lbs
3.0hp Honda GX100

Our most popular size, the choice of professionals
The TV6DX weighs in at just 138lbs, but really hammers the ground.  Excellent combination of power and maneuverability!

Weight: 164lbs
Force: 4300lbs
4.0hp Honda GX120

The 164lb TV72DK absolutely pounds dirt into submission.  When you need to get the hardest hitting rammer in the line-up, this one is for you!

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