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SturidiMix HEAVY DUTY Concrete Mixers

SturdiMix Concrete Mixers are solid, durable, and dependable.

All Tiger concrete mixers are designed to handle all your toughest mixing jobs.  "Tough" is what you will say when you look at a Tiger Mixer.  From the angle frame to the solid one-piece cast ring gear, every Tiger concrete mixer is built Tough.  The thick drums, the heavy frame, the reinforced axle, and the standard leaf springs make them excellent for the jobsite and for rental because they are designed to take all the abuse and keep on turning!
  • Easy loading and unloading wide mouth
  • Dump handle extension
  • Suspension frame standard for easy towing
  • Rugged single piece ring gear
  • Honda power and reliability

Capacity: 7.8 cu. ft.
Weight: 750lbs
Drive: V-Belt to Gears
Std Engine: 5.5hp Honda GX160
Optional Engine: 8.0hp Honda GX240

Capacity: 10.0 cu. ft.
Weight: 828lbs
Drive: V-Belt to Gears
Std Engine: 8.0hp Honda GX240

Capacity: 12.0 cu. ft.
Weight: 902lbs
Drive: V-Belt to Gears
Std Engine: 13.0hp Honda GX390

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