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FPC Series Forward Compactors

Tiger FPC Series forward compactors all feature Honda 4-Stroke engines.

All Tiger plates combine Power, Speed, Comfort and Durability. Each model has an oil bath exciter that is designed to provide optimal travel speed and centrifugal force.  The compaction you need to help get your job done faster.

  • FOLDING HANDLE - Store & Transport Easier!
  • Reduced vibration handles are easy on the operator
  • High compaction force to get the job done faster
  • Meets all EPA specs, less pollution
  • Simple, open design for easy cleaning
  • Lightest plates on market: easiest to load!
  • Straight gas, No mixing!
  • Reliable Honda Parts and Power

FPC 320
Width: 12.5"
Weight: 115lbs
Force: 3450lbs
3.0hp Honda GX100

For the tightest areas!

FPC 350
Width: 14"
Weight: 143lbs
Force: 3150lbs
5.5hp Honda GX160

Great for pavers!

FPC 400
Width: 16"
Weight: 148lbs
Force: 3150lbs
5.5hp Honda GX160

Easy to load!

FPC 450
Width: 18"
Weight: 152lbs
Force: 3450lbs
5.5hp Honda GX160

Great combo of size and force!

FPC 500
Width: 20"
Weight: 173lbs
Force: 3850lbs
5.5hp Honda GX160

130 feet/min!!

FPC Series Product Sheet
1 page - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

FPC Series Product Sheet
1 page - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
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