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Cheetah SS 
Mini Skid Steer Loader

Setting the standard for Stability and Visibility

The Cheetah Mini Skid Loader is the WORLD'S ONLY only Stand in the Middle mini skid steer loader.  Sure, there are other mini loaders out there, but you have to either walk behind or stand on the back.  Why be at the back where you cant see?  Improve your visibility and stability with the sure footed Cheetah.  Less mistakes are made because the operator can see the work area. Work gets done faster and easier, and everybody goes home happy.
  • Better Operator Visibility
  • Excellent Operator Stability
  • Exceptional Overall Balance
  • Simple User Friendly Controls
  • Powerful 24hp Honda with electric start
  • Tremendous front down pressure for digging
  • Light Footprint (only 1250 lbs!!!)
  • Over 40 attachments available

- New Main valve for improved traction, steering and boom/bucket control
- Specialized springs for softer feel
- Standard hour meter to keep track of usage and maintenance schedules 

With a universal front Mounting Plate and 5gpm & 12gpm Hydraulic accessory circuits, the Cheetah can be used with a number of attachments!  Here is the Cheetah is pictured with just a few to give you some ideas of its versatility
Available are Standard Buckets, Tooth Buckets, Rock Buckets, Mulch Buckets, 4-in-1 Buckets, Grapple Buckets, Grapple Forks, Pallet Forks, Augers, Hydraulic Hammers (Breakers), Trenchers, Brooms, Dozer Blades, Levelers, Scarifiers, Tillers, Sod Rollers, Tree Forks, and Many More!

Discover the Visibility, Stability, Power and Balance  
of the World Class Cheetah Skid Steer Loader!

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